Portable Hotspot KAZAM Trooper X5.5

How to create portable hotspot on KAZAM Trooper X5.5? How to enable mobile hotspot in  Android 4.2 Jelly Bean? How to share Wi-Fi from KAZAM Trooper X5.5.

Use the Android 4.2 Jelly Bean setting in order to set up portable hotspot. Afterwards you will enjoy using the mobile hotspot of KAZAM Trooper X5.5.

  1. Sometimes you just need to share internet on your Trooper X5.5 KAZAM but you don't really know how? Let's do it together. Go to the main menu and choose Settings. Trooper X5.5 KAZAM Settings
  2. In Wireless & Networks look for More, because not everything is showing up yet. Tap here. Trooper X5.5 KAZAM More
  3. In the third position is Tethering & Portable hotspot, go here. Trooper X5.5 KAZAM Tethering & Portable hotspot
  4. Now it's simple, tap on the switch beside Wi-Fi hotspot to activate the hotspot. Trooper X5.5 KAZAM Switch
  5. Share the internet and secure your network, good job. Trooper X5.5 KAZAM Wi-Fi Hotspot on

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