Change Language LENOVO A6 Note

  1. At the very start, unlock your device and open the Settings.LENOVO A6 Note Settings
  2. Then scroll down and tap the System.LENOVO A6 Note System
  3. Once you're in the System select the Language & and input.LENOVO A6 Note Languages & input
  4. Now tap on the Languages.LENOVO A6 Note Languages
  5. Next, select Add a language.LENOVO A6 Note Add language
  6. Now select the desired language from the list.LENOVO A6 Note Choose language
  7. Finally, to change the language just drag the preferred one to the top of the list.
    LENOVO A6 Note Change language 1 LENOVO A6 Notechange language 2
  8. Amazing work!

Help! This doesn't work