Power Saving Mode LENOVO A6 Note

How to enable battery saver in LENOVO A6 Note? How to turn on power saving mode in LENOVO A6 Note? How to save battery in  Android 9.0 Pie operating system?

The LENOVO A6 Note is using the Li-Polymer 4000.0 mAh battery. If you would like to use it longer you should enable power saving in LENOVO A6 Note.

  1. Let's start by unlocking the screen. Then open the Settings.LENOVO A6 Note Settings
  2. Now scroll down and tap on the Battery.LENOVO A6 Note Battery
  3. Next, select a Battery saver.LENOVO A6 Note Battery saver
  4. Here you can tap on Turn On Now to turn the mode on.LENOVO A6 Note Turn on battery saver
  5. You can also set up the Automatic battery saver according to your preferences.
  6. There's also a quicker method to turn the power saving mode on and off. To do it just swipe downwards from the top of the screen to open the shortcut menu.LENOVO A6 Note Shortcut menu
  7. Then tap on the Power saving icon to turn the mode on and off.LENOVO A6 Note Turn on battery saver 2

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