Screenshot LENOVO Tab 4 8 Plus LTE

How to take screenshot on LENOVO Tab 4 8 Plus LTE? How to capture screen in LENOVO Tab 4 8 Plus LTE? How to save screen on LENOVO Tab 4 8 Plus LTE?

The simple way to capture screen in LENOVO Tab 4 8 Plus LTE. After saving the screens you will be able to edit / share / delete captured screens in Android 7.0 Nougat Gallery.

 First Method

  1. Firstly go to the screen which you want to capture.
  2. Afterward simultaneously press Power and Volume Down keys.Remove screen password on LENOVO Tab 4 8 Plus LTE
  3. Very good! Your screenshot successfully saved in your LENOVO Gallery

 Second Method

  1. At first, open the screen that interests you.
  2. Secondly, open the Notification bar by dragging the Status bar down.
  3. Then choose screenshot.Restore LENOVO Tab 4 8 Plus LTE
  4. Fine! Your screen captured successfully!

How to Take Screenshot on LENOVO Tab 4 - Capture Screen Methods |HardReset.Info

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