Wipe Cache LG G5 F700L

Check out how to easily wipe cache partition in LG G5 F700L. This operation won't affect your personal files it will only remove temporary cache files. As a result you can refresh Android 6.0 Marshmallow system and optimize Snapdragon 820.

  1. At the very beginning let's switch off smartphone by the Power key. Factory Reset LG G5 F700L
  2. Then, press and keep Volume Down + Power, in couple. Master Reset LG G5 F700L
  3. Here is System recovery menu. Format LG G5 F700L
  4. Use Volume rocker for navigating and Power key for select to choose the Wipe cache option. Remove Screen Lock on LG G5 F700L
  5. Wipe cache operation will start now. You will see on the screen, firstly, Android robot picture, then LG logo. Phone goes restart.
    Hard Reset LG G5 F700L HardReset LG G5 F700L
  6. Good job, you did it well!

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