Transfer Data to LG MS910 Esteem

How to Transfer Data in LG MS910 Esteem

Have you ever wonder how to transfer data in LG MS910 Esteem? How to copy data in LG phone? How to restore files from old phone to your LG MS910 Esteem? How to perform data migration in LG MS910 Esteem? How to set up your new LG MS910 Esteem? How to make backup LG MS910 Esteem? How to move data in LG MS910 Esteem? By using this tutorial you can transfer files between your devices by Wireless, USB cable or SD Card.


  1. At very beginning, switch on your LG MS910 Esteem by Power rocker. LG MS910 Esteem Power button
  2. Secondly, unlock your smartphone and look for the Settings.  LG MS910 Esteem Settings
  3. After that, into "General" tab, scroll down to Backup LG MS910 Esteem Backup settings
  4. Read the notification and continue by pressing Ok.
  5. Later, tap on Lg Mobile Switch. LG MS910 Esteem LG Mobile switch
  6. In this section, you have possibility to choose available method of transfer data, like: Wireless data transferUSB Cable transmission and by SD Card. LG MS910 Esteem Transfer data
  7. If you prefer Wireless way make sure you have LG Mobile Switch (LG Backup) on the old device also, so if you dont, download it from Google Play Store. LG MS910 Esteem LG MS910 Esteem LG Mobile sender
  8. At now, decide what you want, send files or receive on this phone. LG MS910 Esteem Wireless transfer
  9. In the next step open LG Mobile Switch on older device and choose same method then continue by Start.
  10. Your device should start searching the other one, so choose name on list of your second phone to perform Transfer Data operation. LG MS910 Esteem Send data
  11. Read carefully the warning that appeared, confirm invitation by touching Accept then and if you are sure, tap Receive.
  12. Actually your both devices should be connected. 
    LG MS910 Esteem Receive data LG MS910 Esteem Transfer files
  13. On elderly device, choose which type of files you wish to send and continue by Next. LG MS910 Esteem Transfer Personal data
  14. Wait for a while till your mobile's finish the whole process. LG MS910 Esteem Transfer media data
  15. Congratulations! You have just performed the Transfer data operation.

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