Codes LG Style2

Here you can find all secret codes for LG Style2. Check out how to enter hidden mode and use advanced options of Android 9.0 Pie. Let's get access to secret information about LG Style2. Click here and find out more information about secret codes.

1. Testing
2. Calendar
3. FCM Diagnostics
4. IMEI Information
5. Device Test
*#546368#*numbers from your model#

1. By typing "*#*#4636#*#*" open Testing menu. Here find information about your LG Style2, WiFi, battery.

Phone dialer LG Style2

Testing LG Style2

1.1 Phone Information - Here you find IMEI number, Signal strenght, cellinfo and connection type. Also you can run Ping test too.

Phone info LG Style2
1.2 Usage statistics - This one displays your last app usage period.

Usage statistics LG Style2

2. By typing *#*#225#*#* you can enter Calendar. Here you can check all your events.

Phone dialer LG Style2 Calendar info LG Style2

3. FCM Diagnostics *#*#426#*#* .

Phone dialer LG Style2 FCM Diagnostics LG Style2
FCM Diagnostics LG Style2

4. By typing "*#06#" you can check your IMEI on your LG Style2.

Phone dialer LG Style2

IMEI LG Style2

5. At first you need to go to Settings --> About Phone --> Hardware info. You need to remember numbers from Model number which you find in Hardware info( for example for LG Q7 we have 610). Then open Phone dialer and type *#546368#*numbers from your model#. Phone dialer LG Style2

As you can see you open Hidden Menu in your LG Style2. HiddenMenu LG Style2

5.1. Device test - here open SAAT option and from that menu you can perform Auto test or Manual Test for your phone. When you go to Manual test you can select which module you want to check for example Ring Test or Vibrator Reset.

Device Test LG Style2 Service Menu LG Style2
Service Menu LG Style2 Service Menu LG Style2

You can also check your Service AAT version or perform Battery Control, ToFCover Test and TOF Cal File Check test from Service Menu - Optional Test.

Service Menu LG Style2 TOF CAL File Check LG Style2
SVC LG Style2

Open Service Menu - Test Result to check which tests are passed or fail, or which modules was not tested.

5.2. Choose ORT Test option and here you can perform Automatic Test or Manual Test.

5.3. In SVC Menu you will find a lot of useful information and tests about your device for example information about Battery or you can perform LCD test.

5.4. In FiledTest you can also test some modules. For example you can test your GPS or SMS option.

FieldTest LG Style2 FieldTest LG Style2
FieldTest LG Style2

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