Firmware Change/Update LG U8130

How change firmware in LG Phones

Download Needed Tools

  1. B2CAppSetup.exe - LG Mobile Phone Software Update tools
  2. - Tool for flash any KDZ file any LG
  3. LG Pcsuite

Installing Drivers, Software and Downloading Firmware

  • LG Mobile Phone Software Tool,
  • LG PC suite 
  •  unpack HardReset_LG_Flasher.
Install drivers from HardReset_LG_Flasher directory,
if  LG Mobile Phone Software Tool start closes it.
  • Now need to get the firmware for your phone.
  • Best site that works without problem is
  • There you can download any firmware that you need.
To select what you need first you must know phone model
to know this just turn on LG Mobile Phone software Update
and connect turned on the phone to usb cable and select file transfer
After phone detected you will see phone model in LG Mobile Phone SoftwareLG model detecting
in our case is LGD855 mean the model is D855, software show too firmware version in other corner like in screenshot
(in our case D85530B mean firmware version is 30B)LG firmware version detect
Phone model can check too by page just by write IMEI from phone
or in the phone menu.
Software to work need to replace few file in LG Phone Software Update directory
first, need to go to the hidden directory in drive C, depend on windows go
  • Windows 2000/ XP
       C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Dane aplikacji\LGMOBILEAX\
  • Windows Vista/7/8/10
We need replace 2 files in this directory
  • LGUserCSTool.exe 
  • LGMLauncher.exe 
from HardReset_LG_Flasher directory that we got after unpacking file.
Now we got all ready to start change firmware in LG phones.

Changing firmware in the phone will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If want saves your data do a backup before start.

Changing Firmware LG phone

Remember that phone battery should be at least 30%
  1. First turn on HardReset_LG_Flasher from unpacked directory
  2. Next, we select file with firmware that we download before in KDZ formatLG Mobile Phone Software firmware
  3. Nothing more change in software just press button NORMAL WEB UPGRADE TESTLG Mobile Phone Software update button
  4. After new windows pop up just select UPGRADE START buttonLG Mobile Phone Software start flash if windows ask for admin right and want turn on LG Phone firmware software press YES
  5. Now after moments, new windows pop up with country and lang settingLG Mobile Phone Software country selectWarning! After start flashing process you should not disconnect the device from your computer. 
  6. Need press Clear phone Software update Registry button(after press wait little to OK message) and in Country tab select Different and language select English and press OK button
  • First software will read all info from phone and unpack firmwareLG Mobile Phone Software firmware updating
  • After will reboot phone to download mode and will start to write firmware to phoneLG Mobile Phone Software firm updateLG Mobile Phone Software firmware write ending
  • Just wait until you see phone reboot in normal mode and success message in software and after can close softwareLG Mobile Phone Software success exit
That all now you change firmware on your phone without any problem. Great work !!

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