Add Fingerprint LG V30

How to add fingerprint on LG V30? How to set up fingerprint protection in LG V30? How to use fingerprint unlocking on LG V30?

The below instructions are the answers to all above questions. Check out how to protect your LG device by using fingerprint screen lock protection.

  1. At the begining go to Settings 
    Hard Reset LG V30
  2. Now choose tab General and open Lock screen & security
    Wipe data on LG V30
  3. Here go to Fingerprints.
    Format LG V30
  4. Read notification and tap Next when you are ready.
    Restore LG V30
  5. Before you will be able to set Fingerprint lock you need to set some alternative way to unlock phone.
    Remove screen password on LG V30
  6. Now draw a new pattern.
    Remove Screen Lock on LG V30
  7. And Draw it again to confirm.
    Permanently delete data from LG V30
  8. Select what notifications show on Lock screen.
    Hard Reset LG V30
  9. Scan your fingerprint follow instruction on screen.
    HardReset LG V30Factory Reset LG V30Master Reset LG V30
  10. To add more fingerprints just tap Add fingerprint.
    Wipe data on LG V30
  11. Your LG V30 is now Fingerprint secured.
    Format LG V30

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