Find LINKSYS EA9200-4A IP on Android

Are you the owner of an Android device and are wondering if you will be able to access your router's IP address? We have good news for you! Yes, it is possible! Getting your router's IP address with Android couldn't be easier. So it is helpful to know how to access the detailed information as it is very useful. We have prepared a manual especially for you in which we will show you exactly How to find the IP address of an Android router ?, How to go to the router settings to find the IP address in Android? How, having Android, find the IP address of the router? How to get detailed router IP address information with Android? So read the manual and see that it is easier than you think!

How to find LINKSYS EA9200-4A IP on Android:

  1. To start you need to swipe from the top of the screen to open the settings and notifications menu. Android Smartphone swipe from top of the screen
  2. Then tap and hold for a moment on the Wi-Fi Icon. Android WiFi icon which you need to tap and hold
  3. You should see a list of available Wi-Fi networks, tap on the gear icon beside the name of the Wi-Fi to which you are actually connected. A gear icon besides Wi-Fi network which you need tap to access WiFi settings
  4. Select Advanced to see additional settings. Advanced WiFi settings in Android System
  5. Find the Gateway position. A default gateway position which represents your router IP number
  6. Awesome! Now just enter the IP number you found in the Web Browser and you will access LINKSYS EA9200-4A settings.

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