Find LINKSYS EA9200-4A IP on Windows

Find LINKSYS EA9200-4A IP on Windows

Have you ever wondered how you can locate your Windows router's IP address? If you had problems finding it, we will show you how to do it in a few seconds. Thanks to this detailed instruction, you will learn, among other things, How to find the IP of the router with Windows? How to access the IP address of the Windows router? Where to find the IP address on the Windows router How do I go to the IP address settings of my Windows router? and much more. So, follow the steps outlined below and learn more about your Windows router.

How to find LINKSYS EA9200-4A IP on Windows:

  1. Click with the right mouse button on the Windows logo and select Run. A run feature which lets you open various Windows features
  2. Type cmd and click OK. a cmd in a Windows
  3. In the Windows console type ipconfig and press enter. A ipconfig caommand in a Windows console
  4. Find the default gateway and write down the IP address. A your LINKSYS EA9200-4A IP marked as a Gateway
  5. Fantastic! This is your LINKSYS EA9200-4A IP address, just enter it in the web browser address field and you will be able to log in to LINKSYS EA9200-4A setup.

How to find LINKSYS EA9200-4A IP address, if you don't have access to admin account:

  1. Click on the Ethernet or Wi-Fi icon at the bottom right corner with the right mouse button. ethernet icon on windows
  2. Choose open Network & Internet properties. windows network settings
  3. Next select View hardware and connection properties. internet connection properities on windows
  4. Find Default gateway section. A default gateway IP on Windows
  5. Awesome! This number is your LINKSYS EA9200-4A IP address.

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