Configure Wi-Fi in LINKSYS EA9200-4A

Configure Wi-Fi on LINKSYS EA9200-4A

How to Configure Wi-Fi on LINKSYS EA9200-4A:

  • First, open your router's admin page and log in.
  • Find Wireless/WLAN or Wi-Fi settings.
  • Enable Wi-Fi if possible, now you'll have to set up your Wi-Fi.
  • Set your network's SSID (name).
  • Pick the channel for your network.
  • You can enter your network's password and encryption type.
  • You should be able to set the IP Address range, if not, just ignore this step.
  • If everything's done, look for the save button.
  • Good job! You've successfully configured your Wi-Fi network on LINKSYS EA9200-4A!

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