How to choose the best Ethernet cable for LINKSYS EA95001.1

The trick to choosing Ethernet cables that will work for your needs without going overboard is determining which cables are right for you. The following article provides a buying guide including a table, glossary, and other information about the benefits and drawbacks of different Ethernet cables. This explainer provides you with a good starting point for determining what Ethernet cable is best suited for your home or business.

How to select ethernet cable to get the best Internet speed on LINKSYS EA95001.1:

  • You need to know that Ethernet cables are divided into classes.
  • The higher class number means that the cable can transfer data at a higher speed for a longer distance.
  • The most common ethernet cable standard is Cat 5e. It is an enhanced Cat5 cable and it is the cheapest cable that supports 1Gbps transfer. Cable manufacturers are obligated to test their products prior to sale to ensure sufficient transfer speeds for the Category 5e ethernet cable. Shop on for a quality Cat 5e cable. category 5e ethernet cable
  • The step above is a Cat 6 cable, they support speeds up to 10 Gbps, so if have a NAS server in your network or you are planning to transfer large video files through your home network it is highly recommended to use Category 6 Ethernet Cable. category 6 ethernet cable
  • Cat 6a is an augmented version of category 6 cables. They support twice the speed of cat 6a and are always shielded. Wires inside the cable are surrounded by special foil or braided material to prevent interferences and crosstalk. It is particularly useful if you are using some kind of rack or frame to stack your network gear and ethernet cables are grouped in a wire harness. Shop now at for Cat 6a cable.
  • Cat 7 and Cat 8 cables are little bit overkill for home networks. You will not be able to utilize their full capacity, so it is not cost-effective to use them instead of Cat 6a cables. Format LINKSYS EA95001.1


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