Reset security lock by service box NOKIA 103

Reset Security Lock by Service Box

Sometimes you cannot access your Nokia phone because you have forgotten your security password. It happens frequently that we change the default security code of our phone and then forget the new code.  

Factory Reset your device

In some Nokia’s devices there is no way to perform the hard reset without inputting the security code.  What is worse,  sometimes  because of the lack of the USB port it is impossible to upload a new firmware by performing the flash operation on your cell phone. That way you can not restore the default password or restore the old one. As a result of this you can not fully use your phone or perform a factory reset.


In this sort of situation the only way to reset forgotten system lock code can be done only by professional service centers. The companies providing this kind of service are able to reset your security lock to default one by using GSM Box and FBUS Cable.


Service BOX - it is a complete set of service tools commonly used in Nokia devices . It is a product which can be used for flashing and servicing phones. HardReset your device

In addition, you can use it to do the following tasks:

  • upload new software
  • language change
  • read the security code
  • change the operator logo
  • change caller group logos
  • change the boot logo
  • change the screen saver
  • upload a new ringtone
  • activate net monitor
  • backup / import / export phonebook and calendar
  • send logo to another phone via SMS
  • change the display contras


Here is the list of the commonly used services boxes with the links to more information:


FBUS cable - The cable allows you to unlock, flash and repair of dead phones. The Fastbus standard specifies completely the size, power requirements, signalling levels, and communications protocols for boards that live in a Fastbus crate, which is also a part of the specification. The Fastbus connection on a cell phone can be interfaced with an RS-232 serial port by building a custom cable.Hard Reset your device


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