Change Wallpaper NOKIA 8.1 Plus

How to set up wallpaper for NOKIA 8.1 Plus? How to change wallpaper in NOKIA 8.1 Plus? How to find wallpaper gallery in Android 8.1 Go Edition settings?

The easiest method of changing the wallpaper in NOKIA 8.1 Plus. Find out how to set up wallpaper for Home and Lock Screen. All you need to do is use the NOKIA settings and choose the desired picture. Let's 6.18-inch LCD IPS display looks great with new wallpaper.

  1. Turn on the mobile by pressing the Power key for a few seconds.Hard Reset NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  2. After that choose Main Menu and Settings.System NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  3. In the next step select Display and Wallpaper.
    Settings NOKIA 8.1 Plus Display NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  4. Now find picture which you want to set up as a new wallpaper.
    Wallpapers NOKIA 8.1 Plus On-device wallpapers NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  5. Tap on Set Wallpaper to confirm that and select the home screen.
    set wallpaper NOKIA 8.1 Plus set wallpaper NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  6. Perfect!

How to Change Wallpaper in Nokia 8.1 - Update Home Screen - video

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