Do Not Disturb Mode NOKIA 8.1 Plus

How to set up do not disturb in NOKIA 8.1 Plus? How to enable do not disturb in NOKIA 8.1 Plus? How to use do not disturb in NOKIA 8.1 Plus?

Read the tutorial to check out how to use the do not disturb mode in Android 8.1 Go Edition. Let's customize sound and notification settings in NOKIA 8.1 Plus.

  1. Switch on the mobile by pressing the Power button for a couple of seconds.Hard Reset NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  2. In the next step choose Main Menu and Settings.System NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  3. After that select Sound.Sound NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  4. If you want to turn on Disturb Mode.Do not disturb NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  5. You can muted sound and vibration from alarm, media, Notifications.
    Sound & vibartion NOKIA 8.1 Plus Notifications NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  6. From Calls option set up who can contact with you.Calls NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  7. Add automatic rule if you want.Automatic rules NOKIA 8.1 Plus

Do Not Disturb Mode in NOKIA 8.1 - Set Up Quiet Time - video

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