Reset Network Settings NOKIA 8.1 Plus

How to reset network settings in NOKIA 8.1 Plus? How to restore default network configuration in Android 8.1 Go Edition? How to delete the list of Wi-Fi networks in NOKIA 8.1 Plus?

This tutorial is the answer to all of above questions. Check out how to find this option in Android 8.1 Go Edition and fix the network errors in NOKIA 8.1 Plus.

  1. Switch on the smartphone by pressing the Power key for a couple of seconds.Hard Reset NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  2. Swipe up the screen to open Main Menu.
  3. After that select Settings icon.Main Menu NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  4. In the next step choose System and Reset options.System NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  5. Now open Reset Wi-Fi, mobile, Bluetooth.Reset options NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  6. At the end tap Reset Settings and confirm the whole operation by tapping Reset Settings.
    Network Settings Reset NOKIA 8.1 Plus Network Settings Reset NOKIA 8.1 Plus
  7. Good job!

How to Reset Network Settings in NOKIA 8.1 - Restore Network Configuration - video

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