Back Up Data in NOKIA Lumia 1520

How to do Back Up Data in NOKIA Lumia 1520

How to activate back up features in? How to use back up on NOKIA Lumia 1520? How to add back up account on NOKIA Lumia 1520?

It's always good to have backup your phone. In case of losing/ damaging your phone, you can easily set up a new phone with all your content, profiles, contacts etc.

To turn on Backup on your NOKIA Lumia 1520 you have to activate "Back up my data" on your phone. To do that, please follow steps below.

1. Swipe home screen to the left. 

2. Scroll down and tap on Settings. Settings

3. Next, go to Update & security. Update & security

4. Now select Backup. Back up

5. Switch on Backup toggle buttons. Backup my data

6. Tap on More options. More options

7. Choose Back up now. Back Up Now

8. Your NOKIA Lumia 1520 Data is synchronising now. Sync