1. On what operating system is NOKIA X+?

  2. What chipset has NOKIA X+?

  3. Whas is battery capacity in NOKIA X+?

  4. What is built-in memory in NOKIA X+?

  5. What is memory card type in NOKIA X+?

  6. What is RAM Memory size in NOKIA X+?

  7. What is camera video frame rate in NOKIA X+?

  8. What is front camera video resolution in NOKIA X+?

  9. What is camera video resolution in NOKIA X+?

  10. What is bluetooth version on NOKIA X+?

  11. What is front camera video frame rate in NOKIA X+?

  12. What is RAM frequency in NOKIA X+?

  13. What are the bluetooth features on NOKIA X+?

  14. What is USB version on NOKIA X+?

  15. What is the connector type in NOKIA X+?

  16. What are USB features on NOKIA X+?

  17. What WAP version has NOKIA X+?

  18. How many SIM cards NOKIA X+ can hold?

  19. What SIM card size has NOKIA X+?

  20. What SIM features NOKIA X+ has?

  21. When NOKIA X+ was released?

  22. What is the camera resolution in NOKIA X+?

  23. What is the aspect ratio of the camera in pixels in NOKIA X+?

  24. How much does the NOKIA X+ weight?

  25. What is the height of the NOKIA X+?

  26. What is the width of the NOKIA X+?

  27. What is the NOKIA X+ thickness?

  28. In what possible colors NOKIA X+ design is?

  29. What are the body materials for NOKIA X+?

  30. What is display diagonal in NOKIA X+?

  31. What is display PPI(pixels per inch) on NOKIA X+?

  32. What is display width in NOKIA X+?

  33. What display resolution is in NOKIA X+?

  34. What is display height in NOKIA X+?

  35. What is display area on NOKIA X+?

  36. What is a battery type in NOKIA X+?

  37. How many RAM Channels are in NOKIA X+?

  38. What is RAM memory type in NOKIA X+?

  39. What flash type has camera in NOKIA X+?

  40. What is headphone output in NOKIA X+?

  41. What audio playback formats has NOKIA X+?

  42. What video playback formats has NOKIA X+?