1. What is display PPI(pixels per inch) on NOKIA X3?

  2. What is display width in NOKIA X3?

  3. What display resolution is in NOKIA X3?

  4. What is display height in NOKIA X3?

  5. What is display area on NOKIA X3?

  6. What is a battery type in NOKIA X3?

  7. How many RAM Channels are in NOKIA X3?

  8. What is RAM frequency in NOKIA X3?

  9. On what operating system is NOKIA X3?

  10. What chipset has NOKIA X3?

  11. Whas is battery capacity in NOKIA X3?

  12. What is built-in memory in NOKIA X3?

  13. What is camera video resolution in NOKIA X3?

  14. What is memory card type in NOKIA X3?

  15. What is RAM Memory size in NOKIA X3?

  16. What is RAM memory type in NOKIA X3?

  17. What is front camera video frame rate in NOKIA X3?

  18. What is bluetooth version on NOKIA X3?

  19. What are the bluetooth features on NOKIA X3?

  20. What is USB version on NOKIA X3?

  21. What is the connector type in NOKIA X3?

  22. What are USB features on NOKIA X3?

  23. What WAP version has NOKIA X3?

  24. How many SIM cards NOKIA X3 can hold?

  25. What is camera video frame rate in NOKIA X3?

  26. What SIM card size has NOKIA X3?

  27. What SIM features NOKIA X3 has?

  28. When NOKIA X3 was released?

  29. What is the camera resolution in NOKIA X3?

  30. What is the aspect ratio of the camera in pixels in NOKIA X3?

  31. What is headphone output in NOKIA X3?

  32. What is the width of the NOKIA X3?

  33. What is the NOKIA X3 thickness?

  34. In what possible colors NOKIA X3 design is?

  35. What are the body materials for NOKIA X3?

  36. What flash type has camera in NOKIA X3?

  37. What is display diagonal in NOKIA X3?

  38. What audio playback formats has NOKIA X3?

  39. What video playback formats has NOKIA X3?

  40. How much does the NOKIA X3 weight?

  41. What is front camera video resolution in NOKIA X3?

  42. What is the height of the NOKIA X3?