Wipe Cache OnePlus 8 Pro

How to optimize the OnePlus 8 Pro performance by Wiping the Cache Files? How to Remove Temporary Files in OnePlus 8 Pro? How to Format Cache in OnePlus 8 Pro?

When you are upset because your device is running very slowly and it reacts on your commands with the delay, you should check out the tutorial below. You will be able to fix those problems and increase the system work. Let's Format Cache in your device and enjoy the fresh smartphone without any cluttered or outdated data. This operation won't affect personal files it will remove the Temporary Cache.

How to Wipe Cache in OnePlus 8 Pro?

  1. At the very beginning turn off the smartphone by holding the Power key for a few seconds. Permanently delete data from OnePlus 8 Pro
  2. In the second step hold down Volume Down and Power button until the OnePlus logo shows up. Hard Reset OnePlus 8 Pro
  3. Draw the pattern and select the language.
    Recovery Mode OnePlus 8 Pro Recovery Mode OnePlus 8 Pro
  4. Go to Wipe data and Cache option.{images.310222}}
  5. Now select Wipe Cache. Oneplus Recovery Mode 2 OnePlus 8 Pro
  6. To continue the operation you should tap on YES. Oneplus Recovery Wipe Cache-YES OnePlus 8 Pro
  7. Finally you need to choose Reboot. Oneplus Recovery-Reboot OnePlus 8 Pro
  8. Great!

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