Bypass Google Verification OPPO A3

How to remove FRP(Factory Reset Protection), Google Account Verification in OPPO phones?

Necessary Tools and Drivers

  1. Computer with Windows 7 OS and internet connection by LAN cable.
  2. Teamviewer or other remote access software installed.
  3. Firmware files for your OPPO A3.
  4. Buy Remote Unlock Oppo services or Oppo Services Account.

Removing Google Account on the phone will erase all of your data.
All described operations are done at your own risk.
If you want to saves your data do a backup before you start.
The battery should be at least 60% charged before the start.

Removing Google Account Verification from OPPO A3

When you're ready you can follow this tutorial.

  1. Turn on the OPPO A3 in recovery mode.
  2. Connect to USB cable with a computer.
  3. Choose your preferred language, then tap few times option ver.1.2 until you do not see a new menu with button OK and Cancel.
  4. Tap an OK button to turn on download mode, phone screen will be blank and the computer will start search drivers and after will install it automatically.
  5. If after tap few times ver.1.2 new menu does not show with buttons to select, download mode should turn on by old methods mean: turn off the phone, hold volume buttons and connect a USB cable to phone. A blank screen will be on the phone and computer start search drivers.
  6. Buy service on any seller that you prefer we work with trusted people(OPPO REMOTE FLASH/FRP/UNBRICK/UNLOCK) or buy Oppo Service Account(this account work limited time buy only if really need it now, to do a lot of phones).
  7. Download and unpack firmware for your OPPO A3. Remember that CPHxxxxxx must be the same as is in the OPPO A3 phone.
  8. Open unpacked firmware directory.
  9. Turn on TeamViewer or other remote access software, next send to a person that you bought service id and password.
  10. Just wait 15-20 minutes to service will be done and the phone will be flashed with new factory firmware.
  11. After process end phone will reboot to normal mode and will be without any pattern lock, phone code, Google Account Verification, Factory Reset Protection.
  12. That all. Congratulations.

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