How to Download Firmware for OPPO A37?

The following database is gathering the stock firmware for OPPO devices. Check out if the flash for OPPO A37 is available. All files contain OPPO official stock firmware. You can download Android software for OPPO A37 completely free. Use the following flash to update, downgrade or simply flash your device.

Model: Firmware name: Android version: Link:
1100 Oppo_1100_11_A.10_150514_4.4.4_QFIL 4.4.4 Download
1105 Oppo_1105_11_A.17_151223_4.4.4_QFIL 4.4.4 Download
1206 Oppo_1206_11_A.05_150813 - Download
3000 Oppo_3000_11_A.04_150522 - Download
3001 Oppo_3001_Mirror_3_EX_11_A.10_150828 - Download
3005 Oppo_3005_11_A.09_151223 - Download
3006 Mirror 3EX Oppo_3006_Mirror_3EX_11_A.10_150828 - Download
3007 Oppo_3007_11_A.11_151215 - Download
6607 Oppo_6607_MT6752_11_A.07_150724 - Download
A8 Mini Oppo_A8_Mini_MT6572 - Download
A33F Neo 7 Oppo_A33F_Neo_7_EX_11_A.17_160914 - Download
A33W Oppo_A33W_MT6582_170110_5.1 5.1 Download
A33W EX Oppo_A33wEX_11_A.03_MT6582_151030 - Download
A37 Oppo_A37_MSM8916_11.A.22_INT_022_20170522_5.1.1_QFIL 5.1.1 Download
A37F Oppo_A37F_5.1.1 5.1.1 Download
A37FW Oppo_A37FW_MSM8916_5.1.1 5.1.1 Download
A37M Oppo_A37M_MT6750_11_A.12_160901_TV - Download
A53 Oppo_A53_11_A.11_160627_5.1.1_QFIL 5.1.1 Download
A59S Oppo_A59S_MT6750_11_A.03_160928_China_5.1 5.1 Download
A71 Oppo_A71_CPH1801_11_A.05_180214 - Download
A1601 Oppo_A1601_F1S_EX_11_A.15_160913 - Download
A1601 Oppo_A1601_F1S_EX_11_A.24_161119 - Download
F1s Plus Oppo_F1s_Plus_MT6755_160923 - Download
F3 Oppo_F3_CPH1609_MT6750_08082017 - Download
F3 Oppo_F3_CPH1701EX_11_A.05_170120 - Download
F3 Plus Oppo_F3_Plus_CPH1611_EX_11_A.09_170317_QFIL - Download
F5 Oppo_F5_CPH1723_11_A.01_171015 - Download
F5 Youth Oppo_F5_Youth_CPH1725_MT6763_11_A.07_171116 - Download
F6 Oppo_F6_CPH1727_MT6763_6GB_11_A.11_171209 - Download
F7 Oppo_F7_CPH1819_11_A.07_180401 - Download
F7 Youth Oppo_F7_Youth_CPH1859_MT6771_11_A.13_180519 - Download
Find 7 Oppo_Find_7_Find_7A_WX_12_A.15_160218 - Download
Joy 3 Oppo_Joy_3_A11W_MT6582_150626_180252 - Download
M3 Plus Oppo_M3_Plus_SP7731C_20042017_6.0_SPD 6.0 Download
M7 Oppo_M7_SP7731CEB_V-MIX_03122017_6.0_SPD 6.0 Download
M7 Oppo_Vivo_M7_8810_6820_04042017 - Download
N1 Oppo_N1_12_A.13_150128_SVN5986 - Download
N3 Oppo_N5206_N3_N5206EX_11_A.13_151230 - Download
Neo 5 Oppo_Neo_5_R1201_1201EX_11_A.02_MT6582_150505 - Download
Neo 7 Oppo_Neo_7_A1603_MT6582_11_A.22_170110 - Download
R7 Plus Oppo_R7_Plusf_EX_11_A.15_160612 - Download
R7KF Lite Oppo_R7KF_Lite_EX_11_A.12_160623 - Download
R9 Plus Oppo_R9_Plus_A_11_A.21_161116_QFIL_5.1.1 5.1.1 Download
R9KM Oppo_R9KM_MT6755_11_A.33_160918 - Download
R9M Oppo_R9M_MT6755_11_A.26_160716 - Download
R9TM Oppo_R9TM_MT6755_11_A.28_160805 - Download
R11s Oppo_R11s_CPH1719_11_A.04_171109 - Download
R11s Plus Oppo_R11s_Plus_CPH1721_11_A.04_171109 - Download
R15 Dual Oppo_R15_Dual_CPH1835_11_A.09_180419 - Download
R15 Pro Oppo_R15_Pro_CPH1831EX_11_A.01_180501 - Download
R827 Oppo_R827_11_A.17_160914_SVN11638 - Download
R831K Oppo_R831K_11_A.10_140911_MTK6572_4.2 4.2 Download
R1001 Oppo_R1001_11_A.17_151229_SVN7340 - Download
R1011 Oppo_R1011_MT6572_4.4.2_R1011EX_11_A.04_150424 - Download
R1100 Oppo_R1100_1100_141227_4.4.4_QFIL 4.4.4 Download
R2001 Oppo_R2001_11_A.17_160504 - Download
R8106 R5 Oppo_R8106_R5_R8106EX_11_A.18_160202 - Download
R8113 Oppo_R8113_MT6577_4.09_TH_131007_4.1.1 4.1.1 Download

In order to flash your OPPO A37 you need to check out either your device is using MTK (the firmware name should contain "MT") or Qualcomm chipset(the firmware name should contain "MSM"). In the case of MTK, you need to use the SP Flash tool to flash the software.