Hard Reset PHILIPS TV 55PUS7304/12

If you want to restore default settings on PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 you should follow our guide and perform the hard reset operation. As a result, you will delete all personal info, customized settings and installed apps on your PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12. Check out how to hard reset PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 and wipe all personal data from the TV. It's the easiest way to bring back the default software configuration.

  1. Let's start by turning on your PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 TV. To do so press the Power button on the remote controller. PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 Power button
  2. After the TV turns on, press the Settings button on the remote. PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 Settings button
  3. When the menu opens, use the Arrow buttons on the remote to move around the menu. PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 Arrow buttons
  4. Then select All settings and press the OK button on the remote. PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 All settings
  5. Now scroll down and select General settings and press the Arrow right button to enter. PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 General Settings
  6. Afterward, select Reinstall TV and press the OK button to confirm. PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 Reinstall TV
  7. If asked for a PIN enter yours.
  8. Finally, select Yes and press the OK button on the remote to confirm. PHILIPS 55PUS7304/12 Ok buton
  9. Good job!

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Hard Reset will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
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