Transfer Data to PHILIPS W3500

How to Transfer Data in PHILIPS W3500?

How to copy data in PHILIPS phone by Cloneit app? How to perform data migration operation in PHILIPS W3500? How to set up your fresh PHILIPS W3500? How to configure backup PHILIPS W3500? How to restore files from other phone to your PHILIPS W3500? How to move data in PHILIPS W3500? How to backup your data in PHILIPS W3500? How to receive data from other phone in PHILIPS W3500? How to Transfer Data Storage in PHILIPS W3500?

Would you like to transfer data in PHILIPS W3500? Have you performed a hard reset operation and you need your old files? Let's follow the presented instruction to learn how to move data between your Android devices!

  1. In the first instance, unlock your device and find CloneIt App in the Google Play Store. PHILIPS W3500 installing cloneit
  2. Secondly, tap Install and wait for a short while till your device finish installing application.
    PHILIPS W3500 Google play store PHILIPS W3500 Install clone it
  3. At next, open the app and allow all notifications that appeared.
    PHILIPS W3500 Transfer media PHILIPS W3500 Transfer Contacts
  4. From the options which should appear choose your Sender device and allow notification again.
    PHILIPS W3500 Sender PHILIPS W3500 move contacts
  5. After that, your device should start looking for Receiver, so open CloneIt on the second device, allow the same notifications as in the previous step, then select Receiver option.
    PHILIPS W3500 Waiting for Receivers PHILIPS W3500 Receiver
  6. Remember! Your sender phone must be connected to the same network as your receiver.
  7. At now, your devices should be found each other. PHILIPS W3500 Senders found
  8. In the next step, tap your desired device and confirm request on the second mobile.
    PHILIPS W3500 connecting devices PHILIPS W3500 Connection request
  9. There, your devices should be connected, choose at the Sender device files which you want to transfer.
    PHILIPS W3500 importing data PHILIPS W3500 Select data to transfer
  10. If you wish to select more detailed files choose Click here to choose details. PHILIPS W3500 Detailed transfer data
  11. Inside this section you can choose detailed files, just tap on desired one to mark it.
    PHILIPS W3500 Select detailed data PHILIPS W3500 Detailed storage
  12. If you are ready, tap Start and confirm your decision.
    PHILIPS W3500 Start data migration PHILIPS W3500 Start importing
  13. Afterward, the Transfer Files process should starts, so wait for a moment.
    PHILIPS W3500 importing data PHILIPS W3500 Cloneit import data
  14. Outstanding! You have performed Move Data operation successfully!
    PHILIPS W3500 Clone completed PHILIPS W3500 Importing completed

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