Recovery Mode PHILIPS Xenium V787

  1. Begin by switching off the cell phone by holding the Power key.Hard Reset PHILIPS Xenium V787
  2. Afterwards press and hold two buttons: Volume Up + Power for a couple of seconds.HardReset PHILIPS Xenium V787
  3. Release all keys when the Boot Mode appears on the screen.
  4. From the menu on the screen select option Recovery, by using Volume Up to scroll and Volume Down to confirm.Factory Reset PHILIPS Xenium V787
  5. When an Android Image displays on the screen press the Menu button to enter Recovery Mode.Wipe data on PHILIPS Xenium V787
  6. Well done! You should be in the expected mode.Master Reset PHILIPS Xenium V787
  7. You scroll options by using Volume buttons and confirm by using the Home key.
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