Add Face Unlock POCO X3 NFC

The POCO X3 NFC has built-in options for unlocking the screen. It is one of the best feature for Android 10. Follow the our instructions to complete the setup process in POCO X3 NFC.

  1. At first, open Settings. Hard Reset POCO X3 NFC
  2. Choose Passwords & security and then select Face unlock option.
    Wipe data on POCO X3 NFC Format POCO X3 NFC
  3. Then Read the text and then tap on Next. HardReset POCO X3 NFC
  4. After that position your face in the circle and add your face to your device's memory. Tap on Done and that's all! You've just added Face Unlock to your POCO X3 NFC!
    Factory Reset POCO X3 NFC Master Reset POCO X3 NFC
  5. Good job!

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