POLYTRON W1400 Wipe Cache Partition

How to Wipe Cache in POLYTRON W1400? How to Remove Temporary Cache Files in POLYTRON W1400? How to Format Cache in POLYTRON W1400?

Would you like to erase all of the temporary cache files? Take a look at the following instruction and remove the temporary cache files. Remember that, wiping the cache partition doesn't delete your personal files, unlike a master reset. Follow the tutorial and Wipe Cache Partition in few simple steps.

Check out how to easily wipe cache partition in POLYTRON W1400. This operation won't affect your personal files it will only remove temporary cache files. As a result you can refresh Android 4.2 Jelly Bean system and optimize .

How to Wipe Cache in POLYTRON W1400?

Wipe cache partition POLYTRON W1400

  1. Power off your device to start. Hard Reset POLYTRON W1400
  2. Afterward, hold down simultaneously Volume Up and Power for a several moments HardReset POLYTRON W1400
  3. Release held keys when the POLYTRON Icon appears on the screen.
  4. If you see the Android roboot, it means you have tobypass him holding Power and short clicking Volume Up. HardReset POLYTRON W1400
  5. Using the Volume buttons to move, choose Wipe Cache Partition and press Power. Permanently delete data from POLYTRON W1400
  6. Nice! Now select Reboot System Now, and to confirm press Power Rocker. Wipe data on POLYTRON W1400

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