Hard Reset QTEK 8200 (HTC Hurricane)

  1. Start by turning off the HTC device using Power buttonHard Reset QTEK 8200 (HTC Hurricane)
  2. Push and hold Left Softkeys and Right Softkey both at the same time. HardReset QTEK 8200 (HTC Hurricane)
  3. Then briefly push the Power button for around 1,5 - 2 seconds.Factory Reset QTEK 8200 (HTC Hurricane)
  4. But keep holding down the Softkeys.
  5. Then "press 0 to restore factory defaults" screen appears.
  6. Do as the instruction says, press the "0" key to start Factor reset.
  7. Factory reset takes several minutes.
  8. After reset operation is done, your device is now wiped from all data.

Hard Reset will erase all of your data
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.

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