Back Up Data in REALME C11

How to do Back Up Data in REALME C11?

How to back up REALME C11? How to use back up on REALME C11? How to add back up account on REALME C11?

If you want to turn on Backup on your REALME C11 all that you need is just this tutorial. Follow the steps below to check how to do it:

  1.  In the very beginning tap Setting in Main Menu   Menu REALME C11
  2. Then click at Additional Settings  Settings REALME C11
  3. After that choose Backup and Reset  Additional Settings REALME C11
  4. Switch on toggle button next to Back up My Data  Backup & Reset REALME C11
  5. Okay! Then just click on Account  BackUp REALME C11
  6. Choose your Google Account and click Accept 
  7. Great! That's all!

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