Back Up Data in SAMSUNG C101 S4 Zoom

How to Back Up Data in SAMSUNG C101 S4 Zoom

How to activate back up features in? How to use back up on SAMSUNG C101 S4 Zoom? How to add back up account on SAMSUNG C101 S4 Zoom?

To turn on Backup on your SAMSUNG C101 S4 Zoom you have to activate "Back up my data" on your phone. To do that, please follow steps below.

1. Let's start! Go to Settings, you can find it in Apps or in Top bar Wipe data on your device

2. Now scroll down and tap on Cloud and accountsFormat your device

3. Next, choose Backup and restoreRestore your device

4. Here you have to switch on toggle button next to the Back up my dataRemove screen password on your device

5. Now you can go to Backup accountRemove Screen Lock on your device

6. In here you can either choose if you already have your Google account on your SAMSUNG C101 S4 Zoom or create new accountPermanently delete data from your device

7. Afterall go back to Cloud and accounts menu and tap on AccountsHard Reset your device

8. Now open GoogleHardReset your device

9. Here using toggle buttons choose data which you want to be sync/backup. When you're ready, tap on top menu icon Factory Reset your device

10. And tap on Sync now. Master Reset your device

11. Your data is now sync/backup Congratulation!Wipe data on your device

Bluetooth: MA

Ten telefon posiada kartę pamięci MicroSD/TransFlash.

Ten telefon posiada kartę pamięci: MicroSD/TransFlash.

Najlepszy system operacyjny Android 4.2 Jelly Bean w tem telefonie pozwala na szybie działanie dzięki 1000.0MB pamięci ram.

Wersja BT w tym telefonie: 4.0

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