Add Fingerprint

How to setup fingerprint security in your SAMSUNG G532MT Galaxy J2 Prime TV

1. To setup Fingerprint Lock in your SAMSUNG G532MT Galaxy J2 Prime TV go to Settings, you can find Settings icon by dragging down top bar in the right corner. Settings

2. Next tap on Security settings. Security

3. If you have Pin/Pattern lock screen setup you can now skip to step 5, if not go to Screen lock type.  Pin

4. Now setup PIN/Password. Enter Pin Fingerprints

5. When your Lock Pin is setuped go to Fingerprints in Security Menu. Fingerprints

6. Enter your PIN. Pin

7. Now you can Add New FingerprintAdd Fingerprint

8. Now follow instruction on screen to setup your Fingerprint properly. Add FingerprintAdd Fingerprint

9. Congratulation You just Add New Fingerprint Lockto your SAMSUNG G532MT Galaxy J2 Prime TV  .New Fingerprint


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