Add Face Unlock SAMSUNG Galaxy A31

The SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 has built-in options for unlocking the screen. It is one of the best feature for Android 10. Follow the our instructions to complete the setup process in SAMSUNG Galaxy A31.

  1. If you'd like to add Face unlock to your SAMSUNG Galaxy A31, then let's begin with Settings. SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 Settings
  2. From the menu let's choose Biometrics & security and then select Face recognition.
    SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 biometrics SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 face recognition
  3. Here let's add an additional type of password. Let's choose from shown options f.ex. pattern. SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 add pattern
  4. Here let's draw and redraw the pattern and then confirm the whole step.
    SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 pattern SAMSUNG Galaxy A31pattern
    SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 pattern SAMSUNG Galaxy A31pattern
  5. Now your device will ask you if you're wearing glasses right now. Let's answer and move on.
  6. Position your face in the shown circle and remember about holding your SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 around 50 centimeters away from your face.
  7. Select all options in the Useful features menu.
  8. Here you can decide if you'd like to Stay on the lock screen. Your phone will be locked until you'll swipe. Faster recognition increases the possibility to cheat your device with a photo or a video. SAMSUNG Galaxy A31 stay on lock
  9. Click on Done - and that's all! You've just finished the whole process!

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