SAMSUNG Galaxy A50 Wipe Cache Partition

Wipe cache partition SAMSUNG Galaxy A50

How to Wipe Cache Partition in SAMSUNG Galaxy A50? How to Format Cache in SAMSUNG Galaxy A50? How to erase Temporary Cache in SAMSUNG Galaxy A50?

When your smartphone is full of outdated and cluttered files, then the system is slowing down. You will have problem with smoothly moving through the menu or applications, the touch will be reacting on your commands with delay. Do you want to fix those issues and refresh your device? Follow our short video instruction and Wipe the Cache Partition in a few simple steps. You will remove all of the Temporary Files but the personal files staying safe.

How to Wipe Cache in SAMSUNG Galaxy A50?

  1. First of all, switch the mobile off by using the Power Key. Factory Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A50
  2. In the next step, hold down Volume Up and Power Rocker together for a couple of seconds. Master Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A50
  3. Thirdly, as soon as the Samsung Logo appears on the display, release the held keys.
  4. Afterward, select the Wipe Cache Partition option use the Volume Buttons to navigate and Power Rocker to confirm. ASR 7.0 Wipe Cache Partition
  5. Now, all of the temporary cache files are erasing.
  6. When it's done, choose to Reboot System Now and accept it with Power Key. ASR 7.0 reboot system now

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