Change Language SAMSUNG Galaxy A51

How to change language on SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to choose another language on device? How to open a languages settings? How to set up language? 

We are coming to present how to change language. If you would like to switch the current system language of your SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 device, then stay with us to learn how to get access to the language settings. Let’s use the below tutorial to locate the list and choose the language that is your desired one. Also, you can visit our YouTube channel and get more useful tutorials for SAMSUNG Galaxy A51.

How to Change Language on SAMSUNG Galaxy A51?

  1. At start, open Settings app from Main Menu.
    Factory Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 Master Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A51
  2. Now go to General management tab and Language.
    Wipe data on SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 Format SAMSUNG Galaxy A51
  3. Thirdly, tap on Add language. Restore SAMSUNG Galaxy A51
  4. After that choose the language that you need. Remove screen password on SAMSUNG Galaxy A51
  5. Then tap on Set as default option. Remove Screen Lock on SAMSUNG Galaxy A51
  6. Amazing job! Now you know how to change the Language on your phone. Permanently delete data from SAMSUNG Galaxy A51

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