Eye Saver Mode SAMSUNG Galaxy A51

If you're spending a lot of time in front of the screen, then you should consider turning on the eye saver mode on your SAMSUNG Galaxy A51. This mode will reduce the emission of the blue light from your screen and reduce the strain on your eyes. This guide will show you how to turn this mode on. Learn how to turn on eye saver mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy A51.

How to turn on Eye Saver Mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy A51?

  1. In the first step expand Main Menu and go to Settings app.
    Restore SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 Remove screen password on SAMSUNG Galaxy A51
  2. Then select Display section. Remove Screen Lock on SAMSUNG Galaxy A51
  3. After that tap on Eye comfort shield slider.
    Permanently delete data from SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A51
  4. Perfect job! You can also enable it from the Upper Bar by selecting Blue light filter icon.
    HardReset SAMSUNG Galaxy A51 Factory Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A51
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