Top Tricks SAMSUNG Galaxy A51

Have you ever wondered if there are some extra features hidden in your SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? Would you like to make your cooperation easier, more comfortable and simply better? Take a look at the below comprehensive guide which will help you in gaining new skills. Moreover, it will definitely make your daily basis comfier!

  1. Auto Optimization
  2. Game Launcher
  3. Navigation Bar
  4. Night Mode

Auto optimization

How to optimize SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to perform an automatic optimization in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to schedule automatic restart in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to reset SAMSUNG Galaxy A51?

Check out how to perform an automatic optimization. Take care of your phone and schedule the automatic reset. Provide your phone with that is recommended by the producers.

  1. At the very beginning, go to the Settings.
  2. Then, scroll down, find and select Device Care.
  3. Thirdly, tap on the more icon – three in the right upper corner.
  4. From the available options, select Auto Optimization.
  5. To enable it, simply click on the ON/OFF .
  6. You can change the scheduled time, by clicking and entering a suitable one in the Time tab.
  7. Once it is done, go to the more icon again and select Auto Restart.
  8. Now you can activate Auto Restart by clicking the ON/OFF tab.
  9. Select the day and time on which it should be performed, so it will not affect you anyhow.
  10. Great job!

Game Launcher

How to hide all games in one app? How to use Game Laucher in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to have all games in one file?

Find out how to clean up your desktop by hiding all the games you use in one application. You can have even 10 or more games, and all of them will be in store in one icon on your desktop.

  1. First of all, open the Game Launcher.
  2. Secondly, click on the more icon.
  3. From the popped up list, select the Settings.
  4. all the Hide games on Home and Apps.
  5. Nice, now you have everything in one place!

Navigation Bar

How to change in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to change navigation type in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to personalize in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to update navigation buttons in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51?

Are you tired with your current Navigation Bar? No worries. You can easily change it to the one that you prefer. Find out this quick and easy method and select this navigation button that you prefer most.

  1. At first, open the upper bar.
  2. Then find and select Navigation Bar icon.
  3. Now you can simply adjust it to your preferences.
  4. If you do not have Navigation Bar option in the upper bar, open the Settings.
  5. Scroll down and select Display.
  6. Locate and pick Navigation bar.
  7. Finally, you can pick whichever navigation type and button order you prefer.
  8. Congrats! You your display.

Night Mode

How to activate Night Mode in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to enable Night Mode in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to switch off Night Mode in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to save power in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to change display colors in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51? How to activate Dark Mode in SAMSUNG Galaxy A51?

Take a look at the below and learn how to protect your eye from the strain with night mode on your SAMSUNG Galaxy A51. By enabling this super feature not only your eyes will be thankful but also the battery. Moreover, it is super trendy cause Night Mode is extremely and looks more than perfect.

  1. At the beginning, open the list of all Settings.
  2. Scroll the menu down and pick Display.
  3. Thirdly, locate and pick Night Mode.
  4. Simply by tapping on the switcher, you can activate it.
  5. Whenever you would like to go back to standard mode, simply on the same on/off Night Mode icon.
  6. Perfect! Now you can use whenever you need to!

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