Add Face Unlock SAMSUNG Galaxy A71

The SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 has built-in options for unlocking the screen. It is one of the best feature for Android 10. Follow the our instructions to complete the setup process in SAMSUNG Galaxy A71.

  1. To Add Face Unlock to your SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 begin with opening the Settings. SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 Settings
  2. From the menu select Biometrics and security and then tap on the Face recognition.
    SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 biometrics SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 face recognition
  3. Now you'll be asked to add another type of password. Let's choose f.ex. pattern and move on. SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 add pattern
  4. Here let's draw and redraw the pattern you'd like to use and then confirm.
    SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 pattern SAMSUNG Galaxy A71pattern
    SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 pattern SAMSUNG Galaxy A71pattern
  5. Here we are coming with fun! Your device will ask you if you're wearing glasses right now. Let's answer and move to the next step.
  6. Position your face in the circle and hold your device around 50 centimeters away.
  7. In the Useful features menu choose all options.
  8. Stay on the Lock Screen - thanks to this option you'll have to swipe after recognition. Turning it off will increase the possibility to cheat your device with a photo or a video. SAMSUNG Galaxy A71 stay on lock
  9. Click on Done - and you're done! You've just set the Face Unlock in your SAMSUNG Galaxy A71!

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