How to put SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G in recovery mode?

How to enter Recovery mode on smartphone or tablet? How to open Recovery mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G? How to boot Recovery mode on device? How to use Recovery mode on SAMSUNG device? How to exit Recovery mode?
The hidden function of Android 12 called Recovery mode, follow our tutorial to learn how to use it.

SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G Recovery Mode

Recovery mode helps to get access to hidden functions on your SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G. By using the Recovery mode, you can perform hard reset on your Android 12 device, wipe cache partition, find another modes or install software, depending on Recovery menu version.

How to Open Recovery Mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G?

  1. Begin by pressing the Power key with the Volume down to disable the phone. Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G
  2. When your device is turned off, press the Power button and Volume up button simultaneously. Permanently delete data from SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G
  3. After a short while Recovery mode will pop up on your screen, Here you have to use the Volume keys to move and the Power button to select. Format SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G
  4. Very well!

What is Recovery Mode?

Recovery mode is a menu with a lot of useful functions. Depending on the version, modes will be different. In this mode, you can erase all data from your SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G or only wipe a cache. You can turn on Fastboot mode or Bootloader mode from this menu, if it is available. Some device brands have custom Recovery mode, but the principle of operation is the same or very similar.

What is Recovery Mode Used For?

The procedures available in Recovery Mode:

  • Reboot system now - reboots the device to normal mode;
  • Reboot to bootloader - activate the Bootloader mode;
  • Apply update from ADB - allows you to install new version of your system from Android Debug Bridge program;
  • Apply update from SD card - allows you to install new version of your system from SD card storage;
  • Wipe data/factory reset - operation wipes all data and restore settings to factory;
  • Wipe cache partition - erase all from the cache storage;
  • Mount /system - mount your phone’s system storage and access the core files;
  • View recovery logs - shows information about recovery logs;
  • Run graphics test - starts test of your display;
  • Run locale test - changes the local language of the SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G;
  • Power off - turns off your device;

How to Exit Recovery Mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G?

To exit Recovery mode, you should to use the Reboot system now option, then your device will restart in normal mode, or choose the Power off, to completely switch off SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G and after, manually, by using the Power key, turn on it.

Pay Attention:

Be carefully, when you use Recovery mode to hard reset your device, all information and data will be erased, but if your SAMSUNG Galaxy F14 5G had screen lock or was logged to Google account, protection will be still able. Create backup of your data before reset. Check software completely before upload it to your device by using the Recovery mode.

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