Power Saving Mode in SAMSUNG Galaxy J7 V

What is Power Saving Mode? How to extend battery life?

Power Saving mode on your SAMSUNG Galaxy J7 V with Android Nougat

In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how to operate with Power Saving mode you will see how useful this setting is, and how handy it can be in many situations when you need more working hours on your battery life.   
There are two methods to go into Power saving menu. 

Firs method:

1. Just go to apps and find in your SAMSUNG Galaxy J7 V ​Settings icon and tap on it.  settigs

2. Now let's find Device maintenance and go in. 

Device maintenance

3. This section give's you lots of interesting futures which we will talk about in another manual. This time let's focus on Battery icon, please tap it.


4. Now we can see the settings for Power Saving mode.

Power Saving mode

On the middle, we have three main choices for Power Saving mode OFF, MID and MAX. under MID and MAX you can see estimated battery lifetime you will get after choosing one of these modes. After choosing MID or MAX you will see what is going to be changed in your SAMSUNG Galaxy J7 V setup and how much time this change will add to the overall of battery lifetime. 

As you can see the MAX Power Saving mode even on the very low battery can give you many hours of battery life, which can be invaluable in many situations when we cant charge our mobile. 

MID mode

MAX mode

Second method:

Another quick access to Power Saving mode is by dragging down top bar menu and by tap and holding on Battery icon you will get straight to the Power Saving mode menu.

Upper bar Battery

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