Recover Files in SAMSUNG Galaxy Light

How to recover deleted file in SAMSUNG Galaxy Light?

5. Let's try to get some lost files. To do that choose recovery files then select storage from which you want to restore lost files:

  • internal storage
  • sd card

media scan to check from where can restore deleted file

selecting drive to scan or kill to restore or fully delete files drive select or partition to scan
6. After selecting the path from which you want to recover deleted files, you will have three types of scan to select. Choose one most accurate for the type of problem:
  • Journal Scan
  • Deep Scan
  • Generic Scan

scaning type select

7. Try first Journal Scan it's fastest and might be enough for your problem. Now the software will start scan memory and searching for deleted file/files. After scanning your mobile memory it will display a list of all deleted files which Undeleter Recover Files & Data app found and is able to recover. file scaning to undelete If this scan didn't help try with a Generic scan. founded file that was deleted before to restoreIf this one didn't help too use a Deep Scan, be aware that this will take a long time for scanning.after few scan founded needed file

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