Block Number SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s

How to block a number in SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s? How to block messages in SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s?  How to block a text in SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s? How to add a number to the Blacklist in SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s?

When you want to avoid unwanted calls, there is no better option than blocking a specific phone number from calling and texting! Check out the below tutorial and learn how to block a number! 

How to block a number in SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s?

  1. At first choose Phone dialer.Home screen SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s
  2. After that select the 3 dots icon. {image75}}
  3. Then tap Settings.Phone dialer SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s
  4. Choose Block numbers visible in the list of options.Call settings SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s  
  5. Enter a phone number that you want to block.Block numbers SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s
  6. Tap on Plus now. {image79}}
  7. Block all unknown callers, by swiping relevant icon.Block numbers SAMSUNG Galaxy M10s
  8. Well done!

How to Block Number in SAMSUNG Galaxy M10 - Block Calls & SMS - video

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