Block Number SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9

How to block a number in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9? How to add a contact to the Blacklist in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9? How to block a text in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9? 

Would you like to block all unknown numbers? Maybe you need to block some particular number which is calling or texting you all the time? You can easily clear it our, by creating a Blacklist in your SAMSUNG. Take a look at the below instruction and learn how to block a number in your Galaxy Note 9!

How to block a number in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9?

  1. At the very beginning, choose the Phone Dialer.Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  2. Then, tap on the more icon.
  3. Now, find and select Settings
  4. From the list of settings choose Block numbers.
  5. You can enter the annoying number here.  HardReset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  6. There is also a possibility to block all unknown numbers, by swiping right the switcher. Factory Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  7. Excellent! You've just blocked your stalker! 


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