Do Not Disturb Mode SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9

How to set up do not disturb in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9? How to enable do not disturb in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9? How to use do not disturb in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9?

Read the tutorial to check out how to use the do not disturb mode in  Android 8.1 Oreo. Let's customize sound and notification settings in SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9.

  1. While you on the Home screen, slide it up. 
  2. After that choose Settings Settings.
  3. Then tap Sounds and vibration Wipe data on SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  4. Turn on Do not disturb and go into it.  Remove Screen Lock on SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  5. Here you can enable it based on a schedule by toggling the switch next to it. 
    To set a schedule, set up; Days, Start time, and End time, and change the values.Wipe data on SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  6. You can also set exceptions.To do that tap Allow exceptions, then select either No exceptions or Alarms only.
    Format SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9 Restore SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  7. When you set Custom exception schedule, you can enable Repeat callersCalls from or Messages from.Remove screen password on SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  8. Also, you can allow things like Event/tasks alerts and or Reminders, tap the toggle next to it.Remove Screen Lock on SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  9. Last option of Allow exceptions is Priority app notifications.
    Tap it, then choose an application from the list to allow app notifications during Do not disturb mode.Permanently delete data from SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9
  10. Go back to Do not disturb and as last option is Hide visual notifications.Tap it, then toggle the switch next to Hide when screen is on and or Hide when screen is on.
  11. When your Do not disturb mode is set up you have quick access to switch it on from top menu, find Don't disturb icon and just tap it.

How to Turn On Do Not Disturb on Fake SAMSUNG Galaxy Note 9 - video

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