Dark Mode SAMSUNG Galaxy S21

How to enable the Dark mode on your device? How to activate Dark theme on smartphone or tablet? How to change theme color on SAMSUNG Galaxy S21? How to use the theme settings?

We are coming to present the guide, where we show you how to reduce brightness on SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 by using the Dark mode. If you wish to find out the options that allow you to activate the Dark theme in your SAMSUNG device, stay with us, and get access to the display settings. Follow the instructions and protect your eyes by using the Dark mode. It's high time to get acquainted with the super feature. If you have the current software version, follow the instructions below and smoothly unlock the Dark theme.

How to use Dark Mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy S21?

How to get dark mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy S21?

  1. Let's swipe up to open the apps menu and find the Settings one.
    Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S21 HardReset SAMSUNG Galaxy S21
  2. Go to the Display chapter where pick the Dark option.
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  3. Looks good! Remove Screen Lock on SAMSUNG Galaxy S21
  4. But also, you can use the Dark mode tool from the Top bar menu.
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  5. Well done!

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