How to enable portable hotspot on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+?

How to create portable hotspot on your device? How to enable mobile hotspot on Android 13? How to share Wi-Fi on your SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+? How to use the Portable Hotspot on your gadget? How to share internet in SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+? How to manage network hotspot in your smartphone or tablet?

Use the Android 13 settings in order to set up a personal hotspot. Afterwards you will enjoy using the Wi-Fi hotspot of SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+. Nowadays, having internet in the palm of our hand 24 hours a day is kind of a necessity. That is why it is worth knowing how to make a router from your SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ and be able to share the network once needed. Take a look at the below tutorial and learn how to share the internet.

How to use Portable Hotspot in SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+?

SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ Portable Hotspot

  1. Activate the Settings app and the Connections chapter.
    Restore SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ HardReset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+
  2. As the second step, choose the: Mobile Hotspot and Tethering → Mobile hotspot.
    Factory Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ Master Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+
  3. By using the Configure button you are able to set up the Portable hotspot.
    Wipe data on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ Format SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ Restore SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+
  4. Use the switcher to enable the function.
    Remove screen password on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ Remove Screen Lock on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ Permanently delete data from SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+
  5. If you want to turn on Wi-Fi hotspot faster than that, use Upper menu.
    Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ HardReset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+

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