How to put SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ in power saving mode?

How to enable battery saver on your device? How to turn on power saving mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+? How to save battery in Android 13 operating system? How to activate Power Saving Mode on your gadget? How to extend battery life in SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+?

The SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ is using the Li-Ion 4700.0 mAh battery. If you would like to use it longer, you should enable Power Saving Mode. When your device's battery gets low, mode will help use SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ last longer if you need it most! Check out how to activate it in SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+.

How to enable Power Saving Mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+?

Power Saving Mode SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+

  1. Foremost, enable the Settings program and choose the Battery and device care program.
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  2. Pick the Learning usage patterns... Master Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+
  3. Use the switcher to activate the Power Saving Mode.
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