How to turn on simple mode SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+?

If you wondered to apply for minimalistic look on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+, follow the instructions below and learn how to smoothly activate simple mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+. How to activate simple mode on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+? How to allow minimalistic look on SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+?

SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ Simple Mode

  1. Begin with going to the Settings app, then select Display button.
    Restore SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ Permanently delete data from SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+
  2. As the second step, click on the Easy mode to continue. Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+
  3. Finish with turning on the Simple mode switcher.
    HardReset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+ Factory Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+
  4. Excellent! Factory Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S23+

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