How to root SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Exynos

How to Root SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Exynos phone?

Necessary Tools, Drivers and Firmware

  1. USB Drivers
  2. Samsung Odin software
  3. Mini ADB and Fastboot
  4. Samsung custom recovery
  5. Samsung root files

Install Necessary Tools

  1. Install Mini ADB and Fastboot.
  2. Install USB Drivers.
  3. Unpack Odin.
  4. Copy to c:\adb all files from Samsung root files that you download before.
  5. Copy to Odin directory custom recovery that you downloaded before for your phone. Best is use custom recovery for our upload because all are tested with this tutorial and work 100%.
  6. Windows 10 users should additionally go to c:\Windows\inf  and search file "wpdmtp.inf" press right button on it and select INSTALL.

The rooting phone will erase all of your data.
All described operations you are doing at your own risk.
If want saves your data do a backup before start.
The battery should be at least 50% charged before the start.

Rooting Samsung Phone Tutorial

To start the root process first need to turn on OEM LOCK from Developer settings without this can't do anything.

  1. Turn on SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Exynos in download mode(download mode in phone without Home button).
  2. Connect your SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Exynos to usb c original cable.
  3. Open Odin and like AP button select custom recovery that you have in Odin directory for your Galaxy S9 Exynos.Odin flashing custom recovery part1
  4. Go to the options tab and unselect everything, press start button.Odin flashing custom recovery part2
  5. When process end and you see PASS in Odin, disconnect USB cable.Odin flashing custom recovery part3
  6. Press and Hold Volume Down + Bixby + Power(or Volume Down + Home + Power) buttons, in 5 seconds your screen will go black.
    Immediately without release Bixby(Home) and Power button, release volume down and press and hold Volume Up. Now you will be taken to TWRP Custom recovery.
  7. Next, you ask for some messages, do not click any checkboxes, just swipe and you will be on the main screen.

    samsung custom recovery main menu part1

    samsung custom recovery main menu

  8. Next, go to wipe - select format data- confirm with yes and format it.

    samsung custom recovery wipe menu button

    samsung custom recovery wipe menu format button

    samsung custom recovery wipe menu format button yes to confirm type

    samsung custom recovery wipe menu format button final button

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