Codes SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

Here you should find the list of secret codes that works on SAMSUNG Galaxy S9. Check out how to get access to hidden features, secret options and advanced settings.

1. *#06#  displays the IMEI and Serial Number

Permanently delete data from SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

2. *#1234# Firmware version - you can check here your  SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Firmware Version and Model Name

Hard Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

3. *#7353#  Test Menu - in this menu you can test following things : EarpieceVibrationLoud SpeakerDimingVT CameraTSP Dot ModeTSP Grid ModeAccelerometerProximity Sensor, Light Sensor

HardReset SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

4. *#0*# Advenced Test Menu - in this Test Menu you can test most futures your SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 have, like : LCD Display, TouchLED light, Front and Back Cameras and much more.

Factory Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

5. *#0011#  Service Mode will let you check some details like Network Connection details, Serving Cell Info

Master Reset SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

*#2683662#  - Advenced Service Mode this code gives you acces to many things in your SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 e.g. you can test things like, 2g 3g LTE WIFI etc... and also lots of things to be checked SIM Information, Antenna, All SW Version, IMEI and much much more enjoy!

Wipe data on SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Format SAMSUNG Galaxy S9
Restore SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 Remove screen password on SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

7. *#0228#  Battery Status - here you have every information about SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 battery.

Remove Screen Lock on SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

8. *#0808# USB Settings - by this menu you can change the way your SAMSUNG Galaxy S9 will be rocognized by PC/Laptop when you connected with USB cable. Modes like Mass Storage, MPTADB, etc...

Restore SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

9. *#2663#  Advenced Firmware Version menu allows you to check : TSP FW Version, Touch key FW version, MCU/BINFW Version and WIFI Version

Remove screen password on SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

10. *#74123465*  Camera Firmware Standard - check your camera firmware version.

Remove Screen Lock on SAMSUNG Galaxy S9

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